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Introducing the 2011 India Mission Team!



Learning to eat with my right hand. Not easy when you are left handed!


Jessica handling it like a pro!




more noming


An incredulous stare, or is the food too spicy?



Hardcore deliberating. Note hardcore-deliberating-claw-gesture.





Sorry Laurel, the dog can’t come on the trip!



Hey hey!


The Great Big Green Wall


Everyone’s personalities come out in this picture…still not exactly sure in what way they do, though.




India Missions: 2005

I’m headed back to India for another missions trip, so I thought I would reminisce about my first and only trip to India, back in 2005. I must have been in my second year of community college, and I was eager to get my feet wet doing something a lot of my peers weren’t doing: international missions. My Bible Study teacher Rick was well acquainted with missions in India, and my cousin and I were eager to tag along. The scary thing was that we had very little idea what we would be doing there exactly, and we soon learned that in India, it is better to bob your head left and right and go with the flow. The missions team was six guys deep: two pastors, a fireman, Rick, and my cousin and me. On the first night we landed in India, we were split off into three groups, with my cousin and I forming one team that would go two three to four schools a day and share Bible stories and sing songs to students of all ages, in public and private bible schools, and the other two groups that would lead systematic theology conferences and Greek language workshops to local pastors and seminary students (for Bible interpretation and translation).

India Mission 2005 003

India Mission 2005 001

India Mission 2005 002

India Mission 2005 004

India Mission 2005 008

India Mission 2005 009

India Mission 2005 011

India Mission 2005 012
As you can see, lots and lots of singing and sharing of Bible stories went on

India Mission 2005 013
India is a multicultural, multi-religious country. Many times, as in this picture, we were in public schools sharing Christian messages, something that is unthought of in America. We were allowed in these schools because our guides had established relationships with the administrators of the school. Relationships go a long way, especially in India.

India Mission 2005 014

India Mission 2005 015

India Mission 2005 016

India Mission 2005 017
That’s me. Look how much skinnier I was!
India Mission 2005 021

India Mission 2005 028

India Mission 2005 038

India Mission 2005 050

India Mission 2005 052

India Mission 2005 053

India Mission 2005 054

India Mission 2005 064
Rick, in the burgundy shirt

India Mission 2005 072

India Mission 2005 082
Still one of the best meals I have ever had in my life. It was less than US$15, if I remember correctly, to feed everyone.

India Mission 2005 079
Some much needed site seeing

India Mission 2005 081